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These doctors did an amazing job doing an emergency wisdom tooth extraction on me. I came in with serious pain one day and they wrote me a prescription and saw me the very next morning. Best experience I have ever had at any dental office.

-Amy P

Made an appointment with Dr.Chu to get my wisdom teeth removed. He explained the process thoroughly and honestly he made me super comfortable with the entire procedure.

After researching a bit too much online, I joked with him that he made me TOO comfortable, and this was going to hurt based off everyone else's experiences. 

Honestly though, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Everyone there was super professional. Super helpful and caring. When I told them I had nausea after the surgery, I was immediately given a shot for it. I followed the instructions to the letter when it came to food, pain killers, and antibiotics. It's the second day now and I can barely feel any pain at all.

First and hopefully the last time I get my wisdom teeth removed. But I would HIGHLY recommend this practice.

-Abdullah A

I searched high and low for an oral surgeon who was in my insurance plan with good reviews. Thankfully, I found Dr. Nokkeo. I have very complicated medical issues and Dr. Nokkeo has been fantastic. He's now pulled 4 teeth for me and successfully placed a dental implant (which many other dentists told me couldn't be done). I liked him so much I've also taken my 12 year old son to have 2 teeth pulled. I highly recommend Dr. Nokkeo. They've now moved to a new space which is very nice and a substantial upgrade from their previous office.

-Tracy M

Dr. Soliday is one of my all-time heroes! This oral surgeon is not only a richly, self-actualized human being, he is the quintiessential expert oral surgeon! I have horrific phobias about dental work which originated in a childhood accident that left my mouth scarred and non-elastic, which caused me to avoid dentists in my early years. The past few years I have been addressing the fallout (pardon the pun) from the neglect. Dr. Soliday has been magical in his ability in getting me to cooperate in the agenda of reviving and revitalizing my smile and teeth!! I cannot close without giving plaudits and grateful appreciation that he has cleverly assembled an extraordinary team, especially Venecia and Debbie, to complement his practice and its heroic efforts to restore people's smiles and health.


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